Karen Barnes B.Sc., M.Sc., N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor

4031 Fairview Street Suite 212

Burlington, Ontario

L7L 2A4







Karen Barnes is a graduate of McMaster University (B.Sc., M. Sc.) and the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.) who practices in Burlington, Ontario and is the author of Naturopathic First Aid.  Committed to public education on natural approaches to health care, Dr. Barnes appears monthly on a live phone-in show called On the line on CTS TV. She has appeared on CHCH Body and health, Global television network show Dot.com, City TV, CBC Radio, and Bell Sympatico’s internet health site. Her work has been featured in Parenting magazine, Chatelaine and Modern Woman magazines. She is passionate about finding the underlying cause of disease and empowering people to take the natural path to wellness. An enthusiastic and engaging public speaker, she has addressed health care conferences and community groups, as well as conducting workshops in health food stores, bookstores and churches.


2004      Jan, Feb, March On The line Monthly phone- in  CTS TV

Glow Magaizine articles on iratable bowl syndrome and Naturopathic First


2003    Fifth year in practice at Burlington Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic

 On The line Monthly phone- in  CTS TV- Topic Natural Remedies, Stress

 Parenting magazine article-naturopathic first aid, allergies in children

Body and Health interview on CHCH TV – Topic Natural First Ais remedies.



2002    Fourth year in practice at Burlington Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic

            Herbs for Beauty article-Canadian Health Retailers Magazine

            Natural medicines for first aid-Chatelaine Magazine

            Maintaining good health-Canadian Health Retailer’s Magazine


2001    Author Naturopathic first Aid published

            Television Show Dot.com (Global TV) topic Calcium sources websites

Deborah Ray Show- Radio- 45 minute interview on Naturopathic First Aid

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Open house guest speaker topic-Naturopathic first aid

Community speaking engagements at local church groups and health food stores topic-Naturopathic First aid

Chatelaine Magazine Supplements for weight gain article

Canadian Health Retailer’s Magazine Infant Nutrition article 

Canadian Health Retailer’s Magazine Treating Anemia

Posted on Bell Sympatico’s internet health site topic Constipation


2000    Opened own practice Burlington Naturopathic and Wellness Clinic

Television Show Dot.com (Global TV) 2 appearances topics-Naturopathic Medicine websites, Cold and Flu prevention and treatment websites

CBC Radio interview-Preventing and treating hangovers naturally

Goodness me health food store speaking engagement- Detoxification, Naturopathic first aid



1999    Practice in Burlington Ontario with other Practitioners MD, Chiropractor, and Massage therapist

City TV Breakfast television topic Naturopathic First Aid

Chapters speaking engagements 3 locations topic Alternative/Complementary Medicine

Good Food Festival Toronto-Speaker topic Nutrition, Herbs and Supplements for Menopause

Total Health Show-Toronto topic Naturopathic First Aid

Wal-Mart employee training session topic Herbs and Supplements for Menopause

            Pharmacist Convention topic Herbs and Supplements for Menopause

Guest Lecturer for a Nutrition Course at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine 3 Lectures

Goodness Me Health Food Store Naturopathic Approach to Skin Disease

Consultant to Webber Pharmaceuticals for Wellness days at companies and drugstores, and speaking engagements


1993-1998              1993-1998   Graduate Naturopathic Doctor from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

1998 Shopper’s Drug Mart Sponsored speaking engagement and panel discussion with a Medical Doctor on Natural approaches to Menopause



1991-1993       Graduate Masters of Science in Ecology McMaster University


1987-1991       Graduate Bachelor or Science McMaster University